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Learning about the USA # 5th & 6th class

In 5th & 6th class we have been learning about the USA. We were delighted to welcome Elaine to our class on two occasions over the past two weeks to talk to us firstly about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement and on her second visit to tell us all about The Boston Tea Party. Elaine teaches in the States and we spent some of her visit comparing school life in the USA to school life in Ireland.

Following a very informative and interesting talk on Martin Luther King, Elaine encouraged us to think of someone else we would consider to have given a lot to society and to be deserving of a commemoration of some sort or statue. We worked in pairs and created posters depicting our chosen heroes.

On her second visit Elaine, told us about the Boston Tea Party. We even got to dump some teabags in a basin of water to help us remember the story.


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