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Science Blast 2024

Updated: Mar 15

After weeks and weeks of hard work it was finally time for us to head to Dublin for Science Blast  2024 on  Monday 4 March. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class were accompanied by four teachers and  left the school by a bus at 6am sharp . 

We had are first toilet stop in Tarmonbarry . We arrived at the RDS at 10 am. We had to get yellow admission bands and badges.

We were led into the Arena and to our stand which was No.113 as we walked in and a burst  of sound came upon us and children were running and screaming that 

made the excitement grew. There were loads of different types of uniforms and colors. We were  assigned groups  for working and the first group set up the stand .

And once we were done with the food  we could go and see the shows and other class’s stands while we wait for Judge Veronica to come.

When we explained  our science experiments to veronica .we got very positive and complimentary  results, we were presented with a plaque 

 We got some pictures and got our freebies signed by Clara, Mark the science guy and Phil. Soon it was time to hit the road for a long  stuffy ride. We got food from Supermacs an hour in. We had another  bathroom break which had one toilet .The bus  was long and tiring and filled with fun. We made it home at 8:40pm.

By Molly G. Rebecca V. agus Saoirse.M


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