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WORK FOR 3rd and 4th CLASS.


January 2021: Remote Learning Part  2

Happy New Year  Boys and Girls.

Nobody really wants to be back  remote learning I'm sure but hopefully it will only be for a few weeks. We're going to use  Seesaw to  do most of our work  but there are lots of activities  that you might like to investigate after you have your daily tasks completed. I'll be be adding bits and pieces here but  feel free to scroll down through the activities from last year to see if there's anything you'd like to revisit. In the meantime don't forget to be helpful around the house and try your best with your work.

Mr Harte

Good morning girls and boys.

This week will be  short and so we will be concentrating on p writing our comments for our Summer Report Cards.  We will also be revising time in Maths before we get back to decimals next week. As well as keeping up with your daily tasks we will be working on STEM (investigate something you are interested in) and SESE (Irish Explorers)

If all that isn’t enough to keep you busy I will be sharing ome new Gaeilge lessons and  I am really excited highlight the  following interesting topics on this week’s Home school Hub. 

RTE School Hub

If you can you should try to tune into RTE2 at 11:am everyday.

In particular this week I think you should check out:


Wednesday: 2 Highlights: Maths Do you know the difference between analogue and digital? Well don’t be late for this lesson as Múinteoir John helps us all to understand the differences.

Music: Múinteor Cliona show us the basics of sight reading for music.

Thursday: Gaeilge: = Inniu beimid ag foghlaim faoi bia agus an siopa. Agus beimid ag scríobh liosta siopadóireachta

Friday: Art: As the seasons change the art that we can create changes and Múinteoir John shows us different techniques we can use as part of the process

WEEK: June 8th -12th


Good morning Boys and Girls,

It’s the last week of normal work (not that this Seesaw work is  normal) because as you know next week we are going to have our  Ardagh Sports Challenge Week and the following week , our last week of school will be a summing up/ fun week.

 The main focus of this week is on Water Safety Awareness. The activities I’ve set for you can be done over 4 days or shorter if you feel up to it.

We are also going to do some decimals in Maths and I’m going to ask you to come up with a Radio ad for Ardagh NS as a continuation of our Persuasive Writing.

For Reading I’m going to let you pick any book you like from the Oxford Reading Owls website. (The Only restrictions are that it must be from the level you are on or higher and it can’t be one you’ve read before.

Finally there are some fantastic sounding lessons on Home School Hub this week


Writing: Múinteoir Ray shows us some new techniques for creative writing and we use new vocabulary so we can rest some tired overused words for a while.

Geography:Today we are going to explore Western Europe with Múinteoir John and learn about some of the languages and sights you can see.

Music:Today we are going to learn about percussion and Múinteoir Clíona shows us a famous percussion routine.(The Cup Song)


Drama: Today we learn how our body language can be a powerful tool in storytelling.

Gaeilge: Learning new words based on the theme 'An Aimsir'.

Science: Today we are going to learn all about the respiratory system.


Music: Today we will learn about Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and how music can help us visualise the different seasons.

Geography: Today we learn how over time Ireland became connected with the wider world and Múinteoir Clíona teaches us some interesting facts about Sierra Leone.



Gaeilge: Games for home: words starting with the  letter M.

Science: Múinteoir John will explain heat, different sources of heat and how items respond when heated.

Art: Múinteor Clíona is going to show us how to make homemade clay and we will make our own pottery.



Geography: Today we investigate the size of the Moon and all about astronomy with Múinteoir Ray.

 Maths: Today we will learn about the 4 key operations of maths and how they are used as part of everyday life by everyone.

 PE:Today in PE we learn about movement through dancing and Múinteoir Clíona teaches us 2 great line dancing songs.

Daily Tasks for 3rd and 4th Class Students.

These tasks can for the most part be carried out independently and  roll over from one week to the other.


Updated May 25th

SMF:  Learn  Week (28) have someone test you first to see what spellings you have to learn this week.

Mental Maths:  Carry on  Day by Day and don't forget to do your word problems daily. Ask someone to help you correct. Is there something your are consistently having issues with? That's  your learning goal.

Continue to share these with me and give me feedback.

Table Toppers

Continue to work on your  multiplication and division tables. If you have completed the  Tables Toppers book make sure you have completed the "75'er s" at  the end. record your time and how many you got correct

Free Writing

Continue to write for 15min daily in your Journal. You should be able to get more words down on paper in 15min than a couple of weeks ago.


Another new ebook will be assigned to you this week along with an activity.

Continue to read as wide as many books as you can. Make sure to read a  mix of fiction and non fiction.


The Body Coach workouts are excellent.

Alternatively try to  perfect a skill or if you want, design your own obstacle course and time yourself completing it.


If you haven't practiced in a while do a couple of pages of handwriting. Remember your body position, hand position, pen grip, page position etc. Look back over your work and ask yourself

Are my letters straight backed and on the line?

Are they a consistent size?

Do they look like the examples?

What is  the best letter I've done?

What letter is the one I need to work ?


Here is a  Suggested   timetable for your Day to  Day work.






It might be a help. Please remember that you do not have to  use it unless it is useful to you and your family.









Updated March 23rd

Have a look at the work on the left 

These tasks are pretty much the same as your homework tasks   so keep  up with them but don't rush too far ahead. Equally dont panic if you dont get to do something  maybe your time is being taken up helping out at home.    Don't forget to get some exercise   and fresh air  too but keep social isolating


Skipping: now might be a good time to practise your skipping if you have a rope of any kind. Why not count how many skips you can do without stopping today,   decide how many you would like to    get by Friday. If you don't have a skipping rope pick a skill from another sport and do the same. Remember    to set a goal and work towards it (It would make  an interesting graph if you wanted to graph your improvements.. you could share them with us  by email)

For Skipping Hints and Tips  check out:

 Dance and Workouts  :  The Body Coach,   10@ 10 and    Go Noodle  have great workouts for home... push back the furniture and    get everyone to  join.  Links to these are in the resources page


 SMF :If you can get someone to test you with your SMF so that you have  a list of spellings to work off or alternatively learn the full list  starting with Week 20  this week. Complete the exercises too.


Mental Maths: Continue with daily work. Take note of what you find tricky is it always the same thing? Ask some one to help u with this

Table Toppers: Continue to work through one set of exercises per day.

Tables: continue to play the various tables games we play in class. Get quicker and more accurate.


Continue to read as much as you can. Don't forget to keep a Reading Log. There will be prizes for full Logs!!


Work on your handwriting. Remember to sit properly, full hand resting on the desk, page slightly tilted non writing hand on the table not under your head!

Creative Writing

Begin to  plan stories. Create Characters, Settings, and  then Plot a story. Don't forget to  Brainstorm!! Maybe a story about a boy or girl who has an adventure  while stuck at home?


Have a go at getting faster with the Morrison Jig or try some new tunes from YouTube :

Good morning girls and boys,

I hope you and your families are all keeping well  and happy and that you are getting outside to enjoy this wonderful weather we've been having.

As you already know the news came through last Friday that we will not be reopening until September next.

I know that like me, you are probably finding it difficult to wrap your head around the fact  that there wont be physical 'old fashioned' school until then.

The good news though was that all our efforts to stay at home and physically distance from one another is working and in the coming weeks and months we will start to return to normality.

In the meantime we are going to power on  and try to keep busy, keep well and be helpful at home.

We have  short week this week and plenty of fun tasks to try our hand at. The daily tasks on the right have been updated and there will be tasks assigned on Seesaw also including: Gaeilge, History, Writing, Maths and Religion.

Live Zoom Lesson

 This week we will have our Zoom lesson/ class check in on Friday afternoon.

Habitat Study Update

For anyone who is interested the website I recommended last week is a UK based citizen science project but over the weekend I heard about the Irish equivalent: The Irish National Biodiversity Data Centre

There site has instructions on how to make recordings and a county by county breakdown of the  sightings of animals and plants  ( For extra motivation Mayo is not  doing well compared to  Galway.. so if thats not a reason to get recording nothing is!!)

Keep up the good work,

Mr Harte.



April 27th

Good morning boys and girls,

Its another week of remote learning! I hope you have all been enjoying the good weather this past week.

This coming week the  focus of our suggested work/ challenges will be on getting active and doing some citizen science!

Active Home Week

 The challenge for this week, should you choose to accept it, is to complete 60 min of activity every day! The activity you choose is up to yourself: it can be 6 different 10 minute activities or 2x 30min activities etc. Have a look at our Challenges page to see the 'Ideas Word Cloud' and the recording grid (if you have a printer you can print these out)


Habitat Study.

If like me you have been enjoying seeing more and more birds and insects as Spring bursts into full swing I have a challenge for you. 4th class will remember that last year we conducted a habitat study around the school to see what animals and insects we could find and record. Your challenge  this  week is to  try to identify and record wildlife  around your house. 


  • Stay safe: do not take risks with your safety

  • Try to take a photo or draw a picture of the animal you are identifying.

  • Be careful not to harm the animal and return it to where you found it.

  • Record where and when you made the observation.

  •  Go to  to  see other observations and get help identifying your subject. If you are really keen you can upload your observation on this site and join this citizen science project!

Live Zoom check in/ corrections

To give us a chance correct some of our Mental Maths and also check in with our classmates we will have a  short live lesson on Wednesday using Zoom. Attendance is  not compulsory but if you are free to join in please do.























April 20th

Good morning Boys and Girls and welcome back I hope you had a very enjoyable break and that you are making the most of this wonderful spell of weather we've been having!!

This morning  you will see more announcements and assignments on Seesaw . Our Daily Tasks list (on the right) will stay pretty much the same except that I'm adding Daily Free Writing'

You will also notice more  instruction videos reminding us how to do somethings but also demonstrating some new skills/ information particularly in Maths.

 I will also suggest a timetable for your work that might help give some more structure to your day.

***Please remember you do not have to stick to this timetable it is only a suggestion! Everyone's home is different and you can only do as much you are able to get too.

I've been really impressed with  the amount of work that  everyone is getting through.

 Finally Remember to get your Egypt project finished this week.

Keep up the good work,

Mr. Harte

  April 6th

Good morning Boys and Girls,

 I hope you are all keeping well.

While we are on our Easter Break we can take this time to  keep busy in other ways there is still  options for everyone.

  •  Body Coach workout and RTE Home School Hub will keep your mind and body fit.

  • Our Home Challenges Page has lists of activities that will be fun

Stay well, be helpful and enjoy your Easter.

March 31st

Good morning again boys and girls, here is  further update on school work for the coming days and weeks


From today we will start to use Seesaw to record and share our work. Just like we used it  in class to take  a picture of our Art you will be able to  take pictures of your work or upload  it and I will be able to read it and get back to you. We will  forward you a login code to your parents email address soon. You will need to use the  Seesaw Classroom  App if you are going to login from a phone or tablet.

Poetry Competition

I want everyone to write  a poem based on the theme of being stuck at home. Start by brainstorming a list of words that come to mind when you think about being stuck at home.

You have until next Tuesday at 3pm to  submit it  and I will give awards to the best ones.

Dont be lazy with your rhyming now!!

SESE Project

EGYPT I'm will be sharing details of our project on  EGYPT shortly but if you want to get a head start then start reading up about  modern Egypt  as  a country (Tip: Use the World Book page) 

Of course  we will also be looking at  the Ancient Egyptians.

March 30th

Good morning boys and girls I hope you are all still keeping well and doing your best to  make life easier on everyone at home. We will be in touch later today with some project ideas  a competition and even and raffle so check back here later for further updates.

In the meantime continue with the  Daily tasks (on the right) and also check out RTE School Hub (details below). The  Daily Tasks from last week can of course be carried over. 


If you're feeling cooped up and in need of a workout have a look at 'The Body Coach'  Daily workouts on YouTube (Link on resources page)

RTE School Hub: Starts today at 11am on RTE 2 television. It is aimed at children in 1st to 6th class

Attention Attention 3rd and 4th class there is an interactive Target Board available on

March 23rd

Good morning again boys and girls. I hope

you and your families are still well and doing your best to get along  while keeping  your hands washed. By now I'm guessing many you have sensitive and dry  hands but  please don't let that deter you from washing your hands properly once they're dried get some moisturiser  and rub it in .If you can get aloe vera it is really cooling.

Writing Competiton

Right, I have a project for everyone who has free time over the next couple of days. There is a  fantastic writing competition  and the closing date is Wednesday. Its the John Boyne competition (He's  a famous author who wrote The Boy In The Striped Pajamas amongst other things)

Its a very short story 300 words max

The competition closes on Wednesday at 5pm.

The details and email address that the stories have to be sent to  can be found at

Please remember the following.

Plan Plan Plan  before writing a word

Plan your Setting: remember your senses

Plan your Character: give them real personalities..bring them to life!!

Plan your plot (Story Mountain): Decide on the problems you are going to throw at your character ( in such a short story you might only have room for  one big one or  one tiny one at the start)

 Then write your story.

Then the really hard bit... editing and rewriting.

Read  over the story,  and maybe read it to an audience Then you must go back over each sentence and paragraph and see is it as exciting and  interesting as you can make it? Chop it and change it to make it the best it can be.

You all have some great stories in your heads get them out onto the page  and into someone else's imagination !!!

 I really want to see what you come up with so as well as emailing them into the competition please email them to  our class email to


I Know we didn't get a chance to finish our podcasts on Science Blast but you have a general idea of what we have to do. You could mess around and record your own podcast at home, individually or with others in your house. You'll need a recording device e.g. a phone or a digital Dictaphone etc.


Start by giving your podcast/ radio station a  name and maybe create your own jingle/ intro

Next plan what you want to talk about.


Record your podcast on a phone or any other recording device you like.

Advanced: If you want to go one step further download Audacity ( free software)


It can be complicated to get the hang of but with practice you can edit your podcast and add in sound effects. Check out  this how to guide:

As with the stories I'd love to hear some of your podcasts so if you can mail them to

March 18th 2020

Good morning.  Boys and Girls.

I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

In case you are beginning to forget about school here is a little bit of suggested work for you. Remember though the priorities we talked about last week, keep well, be helpful and keep washing your hands!

On the previous page there are lots of suggestions for activities some of them being online. I know some of you will love the idea of spending more time online but remember to be responsible, share the device  if your sibling wants to use it too and maybe even consider working together!

Keep checking back in here for more notes and maybe even some competitions.

Fánigii Slán,

Mr. Harte

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