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Name the Heron

We had a "name the heron " competition in May. This heron fishes in the Brusna or Bunree River in Ballina every evening. We had some great photos of him and we came up with some great names. The winning name was Bród, meaning pride/proud , which really suits him. We did a bit of research and found out quite a few interesting things about this bird. Did you know that the grey heron is one of Ireland's most distinctive birds. With it's long neck, long legs, grey plumage, long head crest, and dagger-like bill it is impossible to confuse with another Irish bird. The Irish word for grey heron is Corr ghlas. Herons feed in shallow water often waiting for long periods motionless for prey, or slowly stalk its victim. Due to their S-shaped neck, the bird is able to strike with their bill very rapidly. Herons are a wading bird generally avoiding swimming whenever possible.


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