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House Martins 2: The Return!!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

So exciting to see our friends the House Martins back they've returned from spending the winter in whatever part of Africa they disappeared to. We had fun imaging conversations they might have with the local robin or blackbird about all the things they've seen since they flew away last October! As we watched them build we marvelled at the impressive structures they constructed and we asked ourselves

'Can we build a nest like they do?

After drawing our designs and planning how they might look we constructed the nests using clay.

Here are some of the results

Unfortunately when some of our nests dried out they crumbled apart leading us to look again at how the Martins engineered their nests and we discovered the importance of adding twigs, feathers and moss in the clay to help it stay together. They really are master builders.

There was also great delight to see the little mouths and chirping of the new arrivals.


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