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Gordon D'Arcy Murals


This is the shelter that Gordon Darcy added his mural - part of the Heritage in Schools Project.

Pheasants Grazing

Gordon reflected the flora and fauna of the Ardagh area.

Rabbits and Hares

Both rabbits and hares can be seen in the fields regularly

Forest View

This side panel (on the outside of the left wall of the shelter) shows a forest scene with deer, rabbits and pheasants.


There are deer in the woods nearby. They can sometimes be seen in the evening.


Mallard (male and female in the pic) can also be seen. Pic also has a heron and what looks like a stoat or weasel.


Swans populate the turloughs and ponds in the area. These are probably teenagers who have been pushed away by their parents.

General View

This is an overall view of the shelter mural.

Rare Species

These are some of the native species which can be seen in their native habitat, the school!

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